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Dental Crown & Bridge Care at Haymount Family Dentistry

Whether you need to take care of your current dental bridges and crowns, or you have suffered tooth loss or decay and require dental work, some of the most affordable dental services in Fayetteville, NC are available at Haymount Family Dentistry. A locally owned and managed practice, our dental care experts have dozens of years of combined experience in the industry, specifically in the Fayetteville area. That means you’ll receive modern dentistry techniques, but with the traditional, gentle patient care you’ve come to expect from your dentist at Haymount Family Dentistry.

Dental bridges may be necessary if you are a patient who is missing one or more teeth from your smile. The dental appliances work to literally bridge the gap in your mouth with a set of crowns that are specifically fitted to apply to your unique teeth, gums and mouth. Haymount Family Dentistry’s Fayetteville dental experts can size you for your dental bridge right in our office, allowing for a customized fit and natural appearance. We can also make any adjustments, including repairs or replacements if necessary.

Dental crowns, however, refer to a cap that fits over your tooth, improving its structure, size and/or appearance. A crown can cover your damaged tooth all the way up to the gum line, allowing for an enhanced, aesthetically pleasing smile.

Invest in Your Smile with the Fayetteville Dental Experts at Haymount Family Dentistry

Revive your appearance by choosing Haymount Family Dentistry for all of your Fayetteville crown and bridge replacement, repair or basic care needs. Call our dental office today at (910) 484-2166 to request an appointment, or visit our contact page for additional information, such as hours and location.

Haymount Family Dentistry specializes in dental crown and bridge services in Fayetteville, NC, as well as teeth cleanings, teeth whitening sessions, sleep apnea treatments, special military offerings and more.

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