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Haymount Family Dentistry: Treating Sleep Apnea & Snoring with Custom Mouthguards

Banish sleep apnea and snoring problems from your bedroom with help from the specialized dental treatments at Haymount Family Dentistry in Fayetteville, NC. You might not immediately think of a dentist when you consider how to stop snoring, but the dental team at Haymount Family Dentistry has extensive solutions to enable you and your spouse to get back to a peaceful night’s sleep.

With more than 50 years of experience as a dental practice, Haymount Family Dentistry is capable of treating a number of oral health issues, including crown and bridge work, teeth whitenings and other basic dentist practices. We take that same experience and knowledge to task with our snoring and sleep apnea devices, which include but are not limited to customized sleep apnea mouthguards in Fayetteville.

Sleep apnea causes include the blockage of airflow through your breathing passages, which can also be a contributing factor to snoring. Certain machines, such as CPAPs, can relieve symptoms, as can specialized mouthguards and other oral appliances. Mouthguards can sit between your teeth, altering your mouth’s positioning while you sleep so that air flows freely to your lungs, and are recommended as the first treatment of mild and moderate apnea by the Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Qualified Sleep Apnea Treatment from a Leading Fayetteville Dentist

Haymount Family Dentistry’s leading dental expert, Dr. James Taylor, has completed extensive training to treat sleep apnea and snoring through oral appliances, and uses that experience to resolve mild and moderate apnea. When you come to Haymount Family Dentistry for your Fayetteville snoring and sleep disorder issues, our team will take the time to obtain several measurements of your mouth, in order to customize a mouthguard that will fit uniquely to your mouth.

Get back to the high sleep quality you deserve with our sleep apnea oral treatments in Fayetteville at Haymount Family Dentistry. Call our dental office at (910) 484-2166 to speak with a member of our staff about how you can improve your sleep patterns today. You can also read through our online patient information, which may answer any questions you have about your initial appointment.

Haymount Family Dentistry specializes in sleep apnea and snoring remedies for clients in Fayetteville, NC and beyond.

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