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Affordable Teeth Cleaning Services in Fayetteville, NC at Haymount Family Dentistry

Keep your teeth sparkling white and your smile fresh with Haymount Family Dentistry’s teeth cleaning offerings in Fayetteville, NC. After all, our routine teeth cleanings do more than just improve the surface of your teeth.

A recent study from Harvard Medical School linked gum (also known as periodontal) disease to a laundry list of health issues, including premature birth rates, heart disease and diabetes. Additional outside studies have also noted a possible link between periodontal disease and strokes.

Dental treatments for your teeth and gums may sound like they might be a bit of an investment, but the reality is just the opposite. At Haymount Family Dentistry, our dental team performs teeth cleanings as a way to keep periodontal disease at bay. We believe in offering “modern dentistry with traditional care” which means you’ll get the latest proven teeth cleaning treatments while receiving affordable, dependable care from Fayetteville dentist Dr. James Taylor and our dental assistant staff.

Eliminate Gum Disease with Teeth Cleanings at Haymount Family Dentistry

Basic teeth cleaning services are available through previously scheduled appointments at Haymount Family Dentistry, and do not take much time, leaving you to go about the rest of your day as planned. Our staff will revive your smile by using specialized instruments to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, allowing for a smoother feel, fresher breath and whiter teeth.

While brushing your teeth regularly is a good rule of thumb for oral health, the best way to a better smile is through routinely scheduled teeth cleanings every six months. Call the experts at Haymount Family Dentistry today at (910) 484-2166 to schedule your Fayetteville teeth cleaning appointment, or visit our contact page for more information, including our location and hours.

Haymount Family Dentistry offers multiple services from our location in Fayetteville, NC, including teeth cleanings, bleaching and whitening, crown and bridge work, root canals, snoring appliances, and much more.

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